Civil Structural Consulting Engineering Supports In Pearland, Texas

We Deliver Excellent Professional Engineering Support To Our Customers In Pearland And Surrounding Metropolitan  Areas.


The One PE Group values our customers' expectation and we deliver State-Of-The-Art, Low Cost, High Quality services to them whether the firm or the project size is small or large. We do business with customers from many parts of Houston metropolitan areas including Pearland, and Friendswood.


We also firmly believe that only firms that concentrate their work in certain areas can provide truly exceptional work. We specialize in the following engineering services:

  • Multiple States Professional Engineering Services 
  • Windstorm Inspection & Forensic Study
  • Residential, Commercial & Transportation (R/C/T) Civil/Structural Engineering Services
  • Advanced Structural Engineering Services
  • 3D-CAD Modeling and Drafting Services 


Multiple States P.E. Services

Construction of Residential / Commercial / Transportation (R/C/T) projects require involvement of specific state licensed professional engineers (P.E) at various stages of the projects. We are specialized in providing multiple states professional engineering services to our customers and we take care of every step of the professional engineering project needs.

Windstorm Inspection & Forensic Study

Our team of registered windstorm inspectors perform windstorm inspection on new and existing Residential & Commercial structures based on the TDI requirements and obtain WPI-8 certification. On the other hand we also specialized in forensic Civil / Structural engineering study in order to investigate the root causes of failures and damages of structures.

Residential / Commercial / Transportation (R/C/T) Structures

Residential / Commercial / Transportation (R/C/T) structural development involve various parties in order to successfully complete any project. Starting from the feasibility study and till the end of service time, involvement of subject matter expertise in each discipline inevitable. As a Civil / Structural engineering service providers, we have an efficient team of subject matter expertise who have gained intensive experience in the R/C/T structural development projects. 

Advanced Structural Engineering

In some situation performing actual model test can be costly and time consuming. Methods such as the F.E analysis of structure, 3 D frame analysis, Material non-linear behavior studies, Dynamic/Cyclic loading analysis methods minimize these issues and help to understand in-depth details and to save money and time. We are expert in advanced structural engineering analysis of structure and its components using commercially available software products and simplified traditional paper and pencil method.

CAD & Drafting Services

3D modeling and Auto CAD drafting consume lots of time and energy to produce the end products. In order to avoid additional overhead and time, we deliver these services to our customers. We are specialized in 3D CAD modeling and Auto CAD drafting services. Our team of experts which include licensed professional engineers and drafters, they work together to deliver high quality end product to our customers.

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