Advanced Strucural Engineering Services

F.E Analysis & Blast Load Analysis

Seismic Design & Connection Detail Design

Dynamic  & Fatique Loading Analysis

Special projects require detail attention to the material behavior against the critical and service design load condition. In some situation performing actual model test can be costly and time consuming. Methods such as tThe F.E analysis of structure, 3 D Frame analysis, Material non-linear behavior studies, Dynamic/Cyclic loading analysis methods minimize these issues and help to understand in-depth details and to save money and time.


We are expert in advanced structural engineering analysis of structure and its components using commercially available software products and simplified traditional paper and pencil method. Our team members have saved thousands of dollars for our customers in the past by executing detail advance engineering analysis and through recommending suitable solution to resolve these issues.

We particularly specialize in:

  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Complex Steel Structures.
  • Detail Design of Moment & Shear Connection
  • Fatigue Design of Structures Under Cyclic Loading
  • Buckling Study of Un-Stiffened, Stiffened, and Curved Steel Panels
  • Non-Linear Analysis of Structure Under Accidental & Ultimate Loading Scenario
  • Seismic Load Assessment of Structures
  • Blast Load Assessment of Structures
  • Blast Load Prediction Using Simple Methods and Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics.
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