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Founding Member-PAEVEN

The One P.E. Group has joined as one of the founding member. PAEVEN an online RFP/RFQ Platform for Architects and Engineers.

Minority Owned Business Entity

The One P.E. Group LLC is now certified as minority owned business entity (MBE) by the Texas Certification Directory.

Certified Business Entity

The One P.E. Group is now screened and approved business entity by the Home Advisor.

Sample Projects -2016

Forensic Study, Structural Assessment, Foundation Inspection, Patio Covers, Windstorm Inspection, Room Additions, Retaining Structure Designs

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Autodesk Invests in Office Space Management Company (Mon, 16 May 2022)
With an announcement last week, Autodesk let it be known that it was going to get into the office management business with a “strategic investment” in iOFFICE + SpaceIQ. iOFFICE + SpaceIQ is best known as the company that produces Archibus, the software that lets building managers and owners manage their workspaces and the assets within them. “Combining design, operational and performance data and workflows in a single platform to improve the comfort, safety and efficiency o...
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What Is LOD, or Level of Detail? (Mon, 16 May 2022)
LOD is a widely used acronym, but it is not always understood in the same way globally. For more than a decade, the acronym has had a few related meanings, including “level of detail,” “level of development,” and variants such as “level of information,” “level of accuracy,” “Level of geometry” and “level of model development,” all with a different meaning. The variants of LOD have been adopted in many organizational or natio...
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Texas & Louisiana Construction News

Texas Toll Road Tries Satellite Sensing for Maintenance (Wed, 11 May 2022)
A Texas toll road operator has turned to the sky for solutions to a very down-to-earth problem: roadway maintenance. 
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Texas Makes Sweeping Overhaul of State Flood Control Plan (Thu, 28 Apr 2022)
The new plan will completely reorganize flood-control planning into 15 districts organized by the state's major river basins.
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Today in Energy

U.S. retail diesel prices increase to over $6 per gallon in the Northeast (Mon, 23 May 2022)
On May 16, 2022, the average U.S. on-highway retail diesel fuel price was $5.61 per gallon (gal), a $2.00/gal increase from January 3. Although retail diesel prices have increased across the entire United States, prices in the Northeast have increased the most and are now among the highest in the country. On May 16, the average retail diesel price was $6.43/gal in the New England region and $6.36/gal in the Central Atlantic region, increases of 78% and 68%, respectively, since the beginning of the year. Retail diesel prices in these regions are nearly equal to California’s average of $6.47/gal, according to our Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update.
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EIA Product Highlight: Natural Gas Storage Dashboard (Fri, 20 May 2022)
Our Natural Gas Storage Dashboard provides daily and weekly contextual information to the Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (WNGSR), which contains our latest weekly natural gas storage estimates. The dashboard shows storage activity in several regions of the Lower 48 states and key market fundamentals that affect underground natural gas storage activity.
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How your online data could be used against you if Roe v. Wade falls (Mon, 16 May 2022 16:16:38 UT)
People who are most vulnerable to online privacy encroachment and to the use or abuse of their data have traditionally been those society deems less worthy of protection.
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Elon Musk says Twitter deal 'temporarily on hold' pending spam and fake accounts report (Fri, 13 May 2022 12:29:08 UT)
Elon Musk said Friday that his plan to buy Twitter for $44 billion is “temporarily on hold” as he tries to pinpoint the exact number of spam and fake accounts on the social media platform, another twist amid signs of internal turmoil over the proposed acquisition.
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