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The One P.E. Group has joined as one of the founding member. PAEVEN an online RFP/RFQ Platform for Architects and Engineers.

Minority Owned Business Entity

The One P.E. Group LLC is now certified as minority owned business entity (MBE) by the Texas Certification Directory.

Certified Business Entity

The One P.E. Group is now screened and approved business entity by the Home Advisor.

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Forensic Study, Structural Assessment, Foundation Inspection, Patio Covers, Windstorm Inspection, Room Additions, Retaining Structure Designs

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A Dam Collapses in Ukraine. What Do We Know? (Tue, 06 Jun 2023)
A concrete dam, hundreds of feet tall, able to hold bodies of water so large one cannot see the opposite shore, is the crowning achievement of engineering. But even though they can make life livable for hundreds of thousands by providing clean hydroelectric power, dams can be more devastating than an atomic bomb when they fail. This devastation was on full display this morning in Ukraine’s embattled Kherson region as the middle of the Kakhovka dam gave way. Water from a reservoir as large...
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Bridging the Mississippi with Bridge Information Modeling (Thu, 01 Jun 2023)
By Ivan Liu, Senior Bridge Engineer & Jerry Pfuntner, Southeast Region Technical Director, COWI The Third Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis is an iconic early 1900s road crossing over the Mississippi River. It is one of 24 bridges of prominent historic and architectural significance that the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has selected for long-term preservation. At 102 years old, the bridge was showing signs of concrete distress, concrete cracking, and corrosion damage. As ...
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Texas & Louisiana Construction News

EPA Awards Jackson, Miss., $115M to Fix Water Infrastructure (Wed, 07 Jun 2023)
The city's federally named water manager said funding would address major water system leaks and boost pumping capacity.
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Italy's Enel Announces Oklahoma Site for $1B Solar Panel Plant (Tue, 30 May 2023)
Construction is expected to begin this fall but to date no designer or contractor has been named.
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Today in Energy

Increased U.S. renewable and natural gas generation likely to reduce summer coal demand (Thu, 08 Jun 2023)
We forecast that the largest increases in U.S. electricity generation this summer (June, July, and August) will come from solar, wind, and natural gas-fired power plants because of new generating capacity coming online, according to our June Short-Term Energy Outlook. The rising generation from these sources will likely be offset by reduced generation from coal-fired power plants.
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U.S. electricity generation from natural gas was highest on record this past winter (Wed, 07 Jun 2023)
According to our Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), U.S. electricity generation from natural gas reached a record-high 619 billion kilowatthours (BkWh) during the most recent winter heating season (November 1–March 31), averaging more than 120 BkWh per month and accounting for 38% of the country's electricity generation mix. Electricity generation from natural gas increased in the United States this past winter due to increased demand for electricity and continued reductions in electricity generation from coal.
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Netflix officially launches password crackdown in the United States (Wed, 24 May 2023 13:46:35 UT)
The writing has been on the wall for a while, but Netflix is finally ending account "sharing between households."
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American Airlines, seeking new contract, vote to OK strike (Mon, 1 May 2023 16:02:11 UT)
Pilots at American Airlines are voting to authorize a strike. That doesn't mean they're going to walk off the job anytime soon, but it does aim to put more pressure on the airline to reach a new contract with the pilots' union. The union said Monday that almost all its members took part in the voting, and that 99% of those who voted authorized the union to call for a strike. Federal law prohibits airline unions from striking without clearance from a U.S. mediation board – something that rarely happens. And then Congress and the president can act to prevent a strike.
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