Windstorm Inspection

Ensure the structural integrity and resilience of your property from the ground up with our meticulous windstorm inspections conducted during the construction phase. Our dedicated team specializes in providing comprehensive assessments to fortify your structure against the elements. Here's how we can assist you

During Construction Inspections:

Our experienced inspectors conduct thorough assessments at various stages of construction to ensure compliance with windstorm requirements and regulations. We closely monitor the construction process to identify any potential vulnerabilities or areas of concern that may impact the structure's resilience.


Post-Construction Certification (WPI-8):

Following the completion of construction, we provide the necessary certifications and construction inspection letters (WPI-8) to verify compliance with windstorm regulations. Our detailed reports outline the structural integrity of the building and any measures taken to enhance its resilience.


Service Area:

Our windstorm inspection services cover Brazoria and Harris counties, ensuring that properties in these areas are constructed to withstand wind-related risks effectively.


At One PE Group LLC, we are committed to ensuring the safety and durability of your property during every phase of construction. Contact us today to schedule a windstorm inspection and fortify your structure against the elements.

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